Savory CrepesBrie Crepe

Crepe Madame   16

Egg, Ham, Gruyere Cheese, Béchamel, Spinach

Eggs Benedict   15

Egg, Ham, Cheddar, Hollandaise, Spinach

Ham & Brie  11

Ham, Brie, Baby Spinach

Spinach & Ricotta  11

Baby Spinach and Ricotta Spread, Béchamel Sauce


Sweet CrepesNutella Crepe

Nutella & Banana  9

Chocolate & Hazelnut spread, Banana, Whipped Cream

Ricotta & Honey  9

Sweetened Ricotta, Local Honey, Whipped Cream

Lemon & Sugar  8

Bruleed Sugar & Fresh Lemon, Whipped CreamLemon Crepe

Cinnamon & Sugar 8

Butter, Cinnamon & Sugar, Whipped Cream

Market –Made Jam   8

Our own freezer Jam made with local fruit, Butter, Whipped Cream

Some examples include Strawberry Rhubarb, Apricot Vanilla & Blackberry Lavender

Also check out our Specials Board to find what creative crepes we are making!

©Sara Lucchese 2019




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